Finding Your Flow

Imagine tapping into an abundant amount of clarity, energy and feel good hormones?

Do you think that might help increase your productivity, self confidence and self esteem, not to mention give you a feeling of accomplishment, meaningfulness and positivity, while also benefiting your overall wellbeing and health?

Sounds almost too good to be true right?

Well it is true and what’s even more exciting its absolutely achievable.


This is a state of being referred to as FLOW.

What exactly do we mean by FLOW and more importantly, how can we get into the state of it - on demand?

What does being in flow feel like?

Think of a time when you were completely immersed in something, where you seemed to lose track of time and were totally absorbed by what you were doing.

You feel energised, focused, productive, creative, motivated, relaxed, happy, light and unstoppable. (yes please – who doesn’t want that?)

This is what being in your flow state feels like.

It is a state in which your mind and body seamlessly unite together to allow you to be completely present in the moment and totally focused on what you are doing.

There are changes going on in your brain and body that include a release of feel good neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and adrenaline.

Your brain waves (electrical activity) fluctuate between the meditative alpha and theta waves which quietens down the analytical, logical thinking right brain and allows the more creative, passionate left brain activity to filter through.

How do we get in flow?

To get into this state of flow you need to be engaged in an activity where you are challenged and focused but not where you feel overwhelmed or out of control. You feel proficient with a sense of clarity and absorption in the moment.

Some of us may be able to tap into flow more easily than others but with practice it improves.

For some it might be exercising, playing or listening to music, creative writing, playing a game, colouring or just about anything else that you enjoy doing.

Ready to find your flow?

Finding my flow has been a powerful part of my learning journey. One of the most helpful and effective strategies has been the inclusion of personalised health education into my life. 

Understanding the unique strengths of my biology, together with my lifestyle and environmental influences, has provided me with insights to create a life by design specifically focused on optimising the outcomes.

We have so many answers ready for us to discover, we just need to peel back the layers and see what is already there underneath. We have all that we need. Are you ready to reveal your inner glow to find your flow too?

If you are at all interested in how the flow state can help you take your health, happiness and sense of purpose to the next level, I would love to show you how.




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