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Finally understand what's behind your health issues to create optimal wellness now and for decades to come.

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It's time to rethink health. 

Getting older can be scary - especially if you believe it means getting weak and sick. Let's switch the focus from life span to health span!

There is no magic pill for health and vitality.

How you age is up to you and it is easier than you think to create a life of joyful longevity. 

Understanding how to take charge comes with understanding what makes you YOU - your biology and how you interact with your environment.

While we may not be able to change our genes (yet!) we can certainly influence the expression of those genes. This is the powerful science of epigenetics and gives us the ability to work smarter NOT harder.

Hi, my name is Denise Mokadsi, and I’m The FeelGood Coach. I have spent over 25 years in the health industry and I believe everyone has the potential to continue living vibrantly, joyfully and optimally healthy as we get older.

The key to living longer in a resilient body that looks great and feels great is to follow a health plan personally designed around YOU and YOUR lifestyle that energises and strengthens the body you've got.

Symptoms of "normal ageing", including feeling achy, stiff, sluggish, weak and vulnerable to experiencing chronic illness or unwanted weight gain, stops so many older adults from showing up in the way that they truly want to.

That’s where FeelGood Health can help.

Based on ancient wisdom, backed up by science, FeelGood Health outlines radically simple ways of optimising YOUR health and wellbeing.

Get ready to replace what you have come to accept as a "normal part of getting older" with the vibrant energy we all desire, by implementing these essential rules of health to not only improve your life span but also your health span. 

Finally, take out the guess work and let me guide you on your path of health ease and flow to create the energy and resilience you desire in a body that you love - and that loves you back! 

What is FeelGood Health?

FeelGood Health is all about YOU. Using the latest biological and lifestyle science (genetics and epigenetics), FeelGood Health focuses on the unique strengths of each individual to optimise wellness for joyful longevity. 

We kick it off with a non-invasive health assessment of your body and lifestyle to get an understanding of your genetics, hormones, neurochemistry and the impact of your environmental factors.

From this you will have a powerful tool in the form of a comprehensive guidebook that can tell you just about everything you want to know, things like what gives you energy, what zaps it, what motivates your behaviour, how to bring out your best whether that's at work, home or on holiday!

Where other approaches use a 'one-size fits all approach', FeelGood Health recognises that just like no two individuals have the same personality, no two individuals will respond the same way to the same health strategies. 

Stop doing the same things over and over while hoping for a different outcome. FeelGood Health helps you discover what is going to be the most effective strategy for you - given your unique body and lifestyle - so you can live vibrantly and joyfully for many years to come.

Your Expertise (yes you're the expert!)


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Coaching and Education


FeelGood Health

Here's how I can help

We are all unique and have unique needs. There are a number of different ways I can support you depending on what your unique needs are. Is it time to stop wasting time and money on ineffective programs? Why not make your health journey smoothier, more effective and more enjoyable? Reach out today to discover your individualised health optimisation solution and start creating the life you desire in a body you love today.

Hi, I'm Denise!

I'm a qualified nurse, personal trainer, precision nutrition coach and endorsed personalised parenting and health coach with over 25 years experience working with individuals and families.

Given my background, you would think my health and wellbeing has always been hunky dory, and right now it is pretty fantastic. But I can tell you that wasn’t always the case!

10 years ago I was overwhelmed. It felt like I was juggling a ton of balls in the air, hoping none were going to drop. On top of that, other close family members were also having their own health challenges.

Not unlike many other mums I know, I was trying to manage everything and it meant my coping mechanisms were beginning to run on reserve, until they were eventually drained.

As the determined person I am, I went on the hunt for knowledge. I thought I had enough learning behind me but there was still more learning to do. I scoured all the latest health books, courses and YouTube clips, to finally study an incredible science-backed epigenetic approach that didn’t propose some one magical cure. Instead it showed me how to adjust my way of living to align with my strengths and life began to flow with freedom and ease again. 

Today, personalising my health is a no-brainer for me. It's been an absolute game changer not only for me but for my family. It never ceases to amaze me that when we align our natural biology and our lifestyle, our bodies just know what to do.

Vibrant health is our default. We just need to give our body the chance to get back to its optimal "setting". 

I know many people still struggle to set their "body dial" to optimal. I get it. I was once the same because it can be hard to know what's actually going on underneath.

FeelGood Health takes out all the guesswork. It guides you to use your strengths and choose strategies that have a much greater likelihood of success. That means you can stop wasting precious time and energy questioning yourself all the time.

I'm here to support you every step of the way.

I know what it feels like to want to be on the other side but not sure of how to get there. I have been down this road and I want to light up your path with clear choices to take away any confusion.

Living longer healthily, happily and in charge is up to you. It starts with a decision and then just take one step at a time.

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Some extra information if coaching is new to you!

We understand that you are the expert of your body and your lifestyle situation. Personalised health coaching is the development of a supportive relationship between you and your coach to help you implement the changes you wish to see in your health.

Learning new and exciting information about yourself through the lens of epigenetics will give you powerful skills and tools to implement effective change. Coaching creates the accountability and guidance to empower you be successful in creating sustainable positive behaviours for achievable results, year after year. 

In almost all dictionaries, therapy is defined as the treatment of a physical or mental disorder, impairment, injury or disease (Oxford, Collins, Webster, Cambridge).

Personalised health coaching does not view you or your situation as a "disorder", or where there is "something wrong" that needs fixing.  Personalised coaching is not designed to "label" or  "diagnose" a "problem" but instead helps you better understand what is happening in your body and your life, why it is happening, and support you in making new decisions that best suit you and your desired outcomes.


Behaviour change can be hard. The FeelGood Health Personalised Coaching program can help you address the following concerns or worries you may have as you get older:

  • you feel fed up with how you look and/or feel
  • you seem to have lost your motivation for daily activities or social interactions
  • you feel frustrated that "nothing" seems to work, even though you have been trying 
  • you are bothered by increasing aches and pains and worried that they are just going to get worse as you get older
  • you feel stressed and/or overwhelmed with all the information "out there" and don't know where to start
  • you wish you could have your younger body back
  • you feel that your energy level and/or health is holding you back from being the person you wish to be
  • you want to avoid the health conditions you see your parents going through
  • you wish you had a simple and effective health solution
  • you long to feel energised, happy and pain free again

Coaching is about recognising that you already have everything you need within you but just may need some help to find it. We believe that you know yourself best but may need supportive guidance and direction to be empowered to make the best decisions for you and your current situation. As a coach, we are by your side on the journey to support you make informed decisions in a way that feels right for you.

We will be right here when you are ready to dive further. Until then, there are many other resources you can access to support you in your journey that meet you where you are. 

You may like to:

  • join the online FeelGood Community here with free access to guides and tools as well as like-minded individuals keen to make a difference in their health - and their life.    
  • Test drive the free Challenges and follow some simple strategies that can dial your energy levels up a notch.
  • Hop into the FeelGood Mum Hub and explore the free online self directed 5 day FeelGood Challenge or the 28 day Total Body Clean Up.
  • Undertake a mini course to help you address specific struggles.
  • Attend live workshops to learn about the latest personalised science and how to apply it in your situation.

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