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Finally park the nagging and phone battles and have that harmonious home life you're craving (in just 8 weeks!) with parenting that feels good.

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Is life as a parent what you imagined?

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Discover the missing ingredient in parenting books that will make all the difference to your family (based on the latest cutting-edge science!)

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Meet Jen

Jen is a busy mother of two teenagers who was trying to juggle home and work-life. Mornings were a rush to get everyone out the door on time, work was unrelenting, and afternoons were taxi driving and fights with the kids. Her husband helped out a bit, but even he didn’t understand just how much was on her shoulders.

Jen reached out to me one afternoon. She was exhausted. Her daughter, Andrea, just wouldn’t listen to her. She was spending hours on her phone and whenever she asked her to help out around the house she was met with loud pushback which turned into screaming matches. Family outings were also tough. The once enjoyable monthly Sunday afternoon road trips had either been cancelled or were a total disaster. Andrea’s moods were all over the place and she just didn’t seem to be able to reach her.

So I did an assessment of both Jen and her daughter and the results blew them away. The reason they were clashing so much was because they were remarkably similar. In fact, Jen realised Andrea was acting almost exactly as she did when she was her age.

With information tailored to each of them and coaching support, they were able to talk without falling into the "fight and withdraw" cycle. They spoke about their similarities (and differences) openly as they felt safer with each other and both learned how to communicate better to get their needs met.

Within weeks, the family dynamics had changed. Although they still hit bumpy days, they were far less frequent. Jen had greater awareness of her triggers and drew more on breathing techniques to calm herself down before responding. In response, Andrea was calmer and even got up to do the dishes a few nights a week without being asked. The family also went on Sunday outings again.

Although life was still super busy, Jen was able to go to bed at night a little less exhausted and finally feeling like she was doing a pretty good job as a mother. 

Keen to cut the stress and chaos in your home?


FeelGood Families

for Parenting that Feels Good!

Weekly 1:1 coaching plus 4 step-by-step modules so you can finally understand what drives your child's behaviour and get that harmonious home life you want.


You’ll receive:


  • The exact formula to get your kids out of bed and out the house in the morning (without all the yelling!).

  • How to reset your child's addiction to their phone (this goes way beyond the standard “phone time limits”).

  • How to wean your child off social media or gaming with healthy activities they will want to do.

  • A thorough guide to your child’s motivation type that includes how to set up your home life so they initiate chores around the house (scrap the tiring nagging!).

  • What hormones are dominant in your child so you can support them in steadying their mood and eliminate the “cracking it” that derails your best laid plans.

  • Your child’s early stress signals and the antidotes so you can step in early and avoid those big blowout fights or withdrawal episodes.

  • Exactly how to de-escalate fights with your children once they’ve started (note it’s different for different children!).

  • Why your child is refusing certain “healthy” foods and how to transform mealtimes into healthy feel good family time.

  • Exactly what your child’s social needs are so you can stop worrying about if they don’t have enough friends.


And much more!

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"I decided to do the FeelGood Family program to help me deal with my children in a much better and more positive way. Since during the program I feel much calmer when presented with difficult situations, so much more logical and confident being a mum. My relationship and communication with my children has improved greatly. I have read lots of books on parenting but having Denise as a coach has been unbelievable. She is easy to talk to and makes implementing the strategies simple to apply. I would recommend this program to any parent, whether you are having issues or not. I am so happy that I did it."

Julie C.
Mum of 3

"Thanks to Denise I have a better understanding of my behaviours, traits and the unhelpful beliefs to challenge so I can better serve myself and my happiness and therefore my family. It has been extremely beneficial to learn this information now while my daughter is still only little so I can have a positive influence on her thoughts and behaviours as she grows. Denise speaks from the heart and from experience so you get genuinely helpful advice. She’s great to work with, honest and flexible and provides you with loads of information that you can use in many different areas of your life"

Nicole D.
Mum of 1

"I am not a Mum but since doing the FeelGood Family program I have certainly become much better at listening to what my inner child wants and also advocating for her. I have definitely improved my ability to "parent" myself and offer the kind of love, attention and presence that I have always wanted. I have also found that my relationship with my mum (who has also done the program) has improved immensely. Learning both of our phenotypes has made a profound difference in our relationship because it has helped us better see things from each other’s perspective and be able to understand why each other does the things we do. I believe that this understanding will help us to continue to grow and strengthen our relationship into the future. "

Emily B
Mum to her own inner child

Hi, I'm Denise Mokadsi!

BSc, BN, AusREP, PN, ph360 Endorsed Coach, and Parenting360 Facilitator and Mum!

It's great to meet you! I’m a qualified nurse, personal trainer and health coach with over 25 years’ experience working with families to help them feel good and thrive.

At least that’s how I might formally introduce myself when at a dinner or event!

Don’t get me wrong, all of that is important. I’ve been at the coal-face helping families grapple with health issues through to very challenging behaviour for two decades. 

But if you really want to know what qualifies me to help you, it’s being a mother myself. I have 2 boys who are now in their teens and we have an incredibly close and respectful relationship.

But I remember a time when I felt like I couldn’t get through to my kids. It was like I was invisible and they just wouldn’t listen. I was tearing my hair out trying to get them to do what I wanted them to do.

But then I realised I was coming from the wrong perspective. I knew I needed a different approach. It hit me that all the complaining, criticising and controlling was actually eroding our connection. No wonder they didn’t want to listen to me! 

Soon after I discovered the power of personalised parenting and a light bulb went on. I realised each of my children were motivated by different things and for us to build an even stronger connection I needed to adjust my communication with each of them. We needed to respect each other as individuals. 

I began adapting my behaviour and routines for each of my children and amazing things started to happen. Rather than barking at my oldest son to “get out of bed” at the crack of dawn (something I realised was awful for his biology), we took advantage of his “night owl nature” to get lunches and bags ready the night before. Mornings became seamless even with him sleeping in.

For my youngest, I realised the online screen world was a way he felt safe connecting with others as an introvert. I took him on a mother-son outing and chatted with him about his closest friends. Together we looked at the calendar and found a day for him to invite them over for a movie night, something that he found fun. 

This was just the beginning. I’m proud to say that our relationship and home life has transformed into one where it’s obvious we care for each other and keep in mind each other’s differences. The battles have stopped and dinners are something we now cook together and enjoy.

I’d love to personally help you discover the unique guidebook for your children so you also can have the harmonious home life you crave (and put your feet up once in a while!).


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Here's exactly what you'll get your hands on:

8 weeks of 1:1 coaching PLUS 4 step-by-step modules (C.A.L.M) to transform your home life from struggle town to awesome team work!

Module 4. “M” - Momentum

In this final Module you will discover ways to keep the energy up so you can keep the momentum going.

PLUS you'll get these BONUSES!


Direct email support with a 24 hr response time

(amazing when stuff is hitting the fan!)


FREE phenotype assessment for your child and 7 FREE online modules

(save $500!)


50% off an assessment for your partner or co-caregiver(s)

(save $150!)

All of this for only...

2 x monthly payments of $997

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The FeelGood Family Formula

Here's everything you'll get:


12 coaching sessions 1-to-1 ($5000 value)

A phenotype epigenetic assessment for you ($600 value)

12 weeks of activities and learning for you and your family ($1200 value)


 with these BONUSES


FREE phenotype assessment for YOUR CHILD ($300 value)

12 months access to your personalised health portal ($250 value)

7 FREE online modules to help you fully understand and implement the framework ($500 value)

50% phenotype assessment and personalised health portal for your partner or co-caregiver ($300 value)

Direct email support when you need it most 

Valued over $8150 but don't pay that!!

Instead only 2 payments of $997 

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Why choose me?

  • I take a holistic, personalised epigenetic approach to look at the whole individual and their lifestyle (a bit different to the psychologist approach).
  • We will get to the root cause of the perceived problem rather than just managing the “symptoms”.
  • I will hold your hand and help you implement the behaviours that are needed to create the change you want to see in your family life (most people don't need help with the "what" to do but with the "how" to do it). 
  • I will help you stay accountable to do the work by supporting you every step of the way.
  • You will have support at the times you need not just at the scheduled times (to help you get out of sticky situations when you need it most!).
  • I really care about you and your family. I am passionate about helping you create the harmonious family life you desire, so everyone can thrive and fulfill their potential, optimally and joyfully.


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Still on the fence?

If you're hesitant, it's a sign to me you're not fully convinced this will improve things in your home (which is totally fine! I mean, we've only just met!).

Maybe you're still sussing me out or maybe you have some questions that I haven't answered yet. 

I really want you to feel comfortable when you enrol. But the thing is, there's only so much I can share on my website.

If you've been reading this page and thinking, "Oh my gosh! That's so me!" or "I so need that!!" then I'd recommend we get on a call.

Put me through my paces! Throw all your questions at me! Even bring your partner along and do the good cop bad cop thing.

I promise I won't pressure you into anything. It's got to be your decision. I want you to feel you can trust me because this stuff is personal.

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And if you want to talk numbers...

On an average day, how much time do you spend rushing, stressing, fighting and worrying in relation to your kids?

If you’re here, I’m guessing it’s quite a lot! 

So let’s do the math. The average person in a professional role is on a daily rate of around $400. Would it be worth it to you, to pay the cost of half an hour’s work each day for 12 weeks to radically transform your home life for years to come?

Imagine coming home to a prepared dinner, fun and relaxing chats with your children and partner and looking forward to wonderful weekends away together.

Would that be worth it to you?

Are you ready?

Want to say goodbye to the tension, trouble and moody tantrums and hello to a happy, harmonious home life?

"Denise has given me lots of ideas of how else to approach conversations and de-escalate arguments. Plus she’s given me questions to ask about why we were arguing and possible reasons why my daughter might be feeling how she is. It’s definitely helped me not to explode straight away. Denise is honest, no fluff and no BS. She’s uncomplicated and easy to understand"

Angela M.
Mother of 2 teenagers

I'll be upfront with you (now and in the program!)

I do this work because it's what I'm really passionate about. This isn't a "just get bums on seats" situation. I genuinely only want to work with people who 

  • want to learn new skills and tools to support their child's needs
  • are willing to put in the effort and try new things to build a meaningful relationship with their child 
  • are looking to invest in a customised solution over another parenting book or self-directed course, and
  • can put aside at least an hour and a half per week for the coaching and learning

I am both feet in with you so if you want that kind of support, I know we'll get along great and create amazing changes in your family life.


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Still unsure?

In case you're still unsure if this is for you, I can offer you a chance to try the program risk free.
I guarantee you will see results in the first month. If you don’t, simply email me and I’ll refund the remaining 2 months of the program.
For me it’s a no-brainer because I’m here to make a difference to you and your family.

The FeelGood Family Formula

A reminder of everything you'll get:


 12 coaching sessions 1-to-1 ($3000 value)

A phenotype assessment for you AND your child ($600 value)

12 weeks of activities and learning for you and your family ($1200 value)


 with these BONUSES


FREE phenotype assessments for ANY ADDITIONAL CHILDREN ($300 value EACH)

12 months access to your personalised health portal ($250 value)

Direct email support when you need it most

50% phenotype assessment and personalised health portal for your partner or co-caregiver ($300 value)


Total value over $5600 but don't pay that!

All yours for only 2 payments of $997

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Let's answer your questions

Once you have signed up to the FeelGood Family Formula program you will be required to register with our science team so your, and your child’s, health assessments can be carried out.  You will be given information on how to do this. 

To get the most out of the FeelGood Family program I recommend that you spend as much time as you need to understand the content.

Allocating a few minutes each day to visualise and work towards your intention is a great place to start. Implementing the strategies through activities and other family experiences is a great way to start practising your new skills each week.

Don't forget to put aside one hour for your coaching sessions to help you navigate through the program and help you with specific issues that your family may be facing.

In addition, you have access to the private online community to tap into as well. You can work through the online material at your own pace.

Generally, the more you put into the program, the more you will get out of it.

Understanding your child from the lens of their physiological and psychological perspective as early as possible allows you to start implementing the most appropriate strategies that will assist your child in understanding who they are naturally. This is an important step in allow them to optimise their potential, which helps to create harmonious households.

For accurate child phenotype assessment, it is recommended that your child be between 2 and 17 years of age.

This program will be most suited to those parents who want to understand their child from their child's perspective and also have a curosity in taking an introspective look into their own parenting behaviours and beliefs.

The strategies are individually tailored to your specific family situation but the activities are particularly effective for children aged between 8 and 15.


Your phenotype profile is determined by the information obtained from your measurements and answers to a detailed questionnaire (which will take about 45 minutes to complete). Your child's assessment involves a 5-10 second video that you will upload to a secure and safe site that only our science team can access.

We take the privacy and security of your information very seriously and especially when it comes to children as their safety across all platforms is a priority. You own your data and are in full control of it and who has access to it at any time. Your information (and your children’s) is 100% safe and secure as our science team upholds international cyber security standards including both HIPAA and GDPR compliance requirements. 

The phenotype profiling for children is conducted by the ph360 Science Team, who are fully qualified health professionals holding the “Working with Children Check” from the Australian Department of Human Services. Because you are in control of your data, it is up to each parent if they choose to keep their child’s information in the ph360 system to compare as they grow throughout their life or delete it upon completion of your course. 

Please read the ph360 Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Policy for more in-depth information here.

We will be exploring other important lifestyle areas such as priorities, individual strengths, movement, sleep and rest, mind, environmental factors, hormones and social interactions, resiliency, expectations and behaviour. You will find insightful ways of using your newly learned information in ways that best resonate with you and your family’s situation.

No. You know your child best. This program is to help empower you and your child to be the best everyone can be to create more bonding and less battling. You can bring your own style of parenting to your family unit in a way that serves your family best. You may end up changing your parenting style (how, what, when and why) as a result of this program when you have a deeper understanding of the factors influencing behaviour.

Other family members involved in your child’s life may find the content in this course insightful and helpful. Partners (co-care givers) are welcome to attend at no extra cost. There is a discounted special offer if they wish to have a personalised assessment done to determine their own phenotype. We notice a more significant transformation in family life where multiple caregivers are implementing the same strategies with their child. Coaches work directly with the parents but it is beneficial for the parents to share what they are learning with their children in appropriate ways. 

Your child is not a phenotype, they are an individual. Any individual’s development is impacted by a myriad of factors, the phenotype being a foundation factor to consider. Phenotypes are determined by the size, stature, structure and formation of the body to give an understanding of a person’s biology. This information will give you a general overview of your child, regardless of diagnoses or disabilities, and the things that may be healthy for their mental and physical health.

The phenotype application won’t change or solve diagnosed conditions, but it can provide an incredible insight for you and your child when used as a lens over your approach to all aspects of care for your child.

During the course, as you learn about and become mindful of supporting your child’s key lifestyle priorities, your child will experience reduced pressure physically and emotionally and their system will be allowed the chance to operate with the least amount of stress at all times. This can be a game changer for their whole day when their lifestyle and environment reflects is most supportive of their biology and psychology.

In the case of any diagnosed mental or physical health conditions or if you have any concerns about your child, we recommend you seek additional medical advice and support through a consultation with a trained medical professional for precision medical advice for your child.

I feel your frustration and I am sorry to hear that was your previous experience.

Implementing change, even when we really want things to be different, can be extremely difficult.

This program is not so much about managing the symptoms but more about getting to the root cause of the problem.

You will learn about how your brain (and your child's brain) works and what you need to do to create (and sustain) new habits.

Having the personal support and accountability is a big part of helping you put the information INTO action to implement the changes you need for the outcomes you want.

Creating the behaviours you want to see is all about creating the appropriate mindset.

The beautiful thing about being an individual is that we all have different perspectives. This can be a wonderful thing and allows us to consider other options.

This program will help you respect and appreciate different parenting points of view so you can make informed conscious decisions when meeting the needs of your child (and your family) in the most appropriate ways.

Before you go...

Firstly I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to focus on your family.

If you're leaving with some tips and ideas, I'm thrilled and wish you all the very best!

But if you know you need a bit more help and would love someone to walk beside you and navigate the tough stuff (not just a book or another self-directed course!) then I hope you'll consider jumping on a call with me.

Yes, you absolutely could keep going as you are and hope things will improve. The behaviour you’re experiencing at home could “just be a phase” your kids grow out of.

But just think. If you have ever had a falling out with a loved one or friend, you know how painful it can be. If your child is withdrawn or acting out it’s a big sign they are not in a good place and are feeling disregulated and disconnected. 

As a nurse, I know it’s vital to reestablish a bond with your child asap. The longer the disconnect the harder it can be to reconnect again. 

And if you need a little nudge to get you over the line, I have a little sweetener for you:

Why not start with the 5 Day Happy Family Journey for FREE and experience the FeelGood vibes.

I want to start with the 5 Day Happy Family Journey

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